Let’s Talk: Money Matters

Our young people live in a consumerist society where our value and worth are often incorrectly linked with the acquisition of material “things” and high value goods. Yet, as the cost of living continues to spiral, it is estimated that approximately 4.2 million children in the UK are living in poverty. (Joseph Rowntree Foundation).

Concerningly, findings from an anti-crime workshop facilitated by Kevin Koffi, where 40 young people were asked if they were willing to go to prison for two years in exchange for £1000, demonstrated that 93% of the young people asked, answered yes.

But when poverty often leads to families ending up in thousands of pounds of debt and arrears, cycles of debt that can be difficult to break out of, is it any wonder that some young people seeing crime as a legitimate way out of poverty and financial hardship?

In an uncertain world, it is vital that all young people, irrespective of their socio-economic background are provided with education to equip them with financial literacy skills. These are skills for life, yet we seldom talk about money. Doing so is still a taboo – with conversations about finances viewed as crass or shrouded in shame.

Let’s Talk: Money Matters is the latest addition to our Let’s Talk series of resources and aims to support practitioners from all sectors to use the resource to educate young people about financial matters, develop sound money management skills, explore common myths around money and complex financial terms, as well as explore the links between money, wellbeing, power, patriarchy, and criminality.

The cards are accompanied by a practitioner guide (PDF) that is sent to your e-mail upon purchase. This guide provides tips and information to support creative use of this resource.

Now available to pre-order (for July 10th 2024)